Chicken Cheese Productions
Work in Progress/Abandoned projects.. But mostly abandoned projects
This is where I put work like the one at the bottom that I made, but just never got it out there or even finished for that matter. The reason this page is also called "Work in Progress" is because if I guess if I really wanted to.. I could pick it up and finish it. That just usually doesn't happen.

I'll start with the oldest.. Well, the oldest of the newest. This first one started out going for a new kind of Senseless Killing game play but hardly went anywhere.

No clue where I got the idea for this kinda racing-type game, but I was going somewhere with it. I could easily see picking it up and finishing it sometime.

Actually the beginning of Senseless Killing, this is where all the games started.

Coming Soon:
-Stoopid Peepole Ep. 1
-Blow Stuph Up
-Page Cannot Be Displayed
-Fight 3
-Kill Spongebob