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Last Updated: July 26, 2006

The Slipper Slide of Death

My latest series, this is pretty much the only thing I'm working on right now.

The Slippery Slide of Death

RSS Maker
[RSS Maker]
This is the main thing besides the series that I've been working on. It was mainly made for myself so I could update the site's RSS feed. Basically I update it when I need something more added to my own feed or find out there's a bug that needs to be fixed.
The last version (1.1.5) included an update notification and some small fixes. Another big update is expected soon, you can read about what's been going on with that at the News page.
To-Do List
I made one of these a while ago (I'll get the link later) but I included the first version along with the latest version of RSS Maker and I decided I'll make it into a bigger program. Right now, it's been put on hold due to the other things I'm working on.
Desktop Switcher
[Desktop Switcher]
Desktop Switcher is the second biggest project I've been working on.. It basically rotates the picture on your background through all the pictures you want.
The last version (1.1.0) included a lot of new features (see changes) and another update is currently not expected soon.
Senseless Killing 2
Started it a while ago, but I'm hopefully gonna start working on it again soon.
Trampoline 2
Started this a while ago too but just never finished. I just decided to go back and do my original idea for the first Trampoline and I don't even remember why I didn't finish but.. I might soon. This is pretty low-priority.
Coming Soon
Well this site is mostly finished and up-to-date, but as you can see from this list I have a lot of things I could be working on and just not that much time. I'm basically starting from the top of the list and working down. You can also visit the "Work In Progress/Dumped Projects" page, it has some stuff I never did finish.