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9/1/06 - Winding Downnnnn (Show/Hide)

So it just hit me, how close school is now. And right now, I've either been busy working on the move/update, or enjoying my last few days of summer with other people. So there probably won't be anything new anytime soon, although I'll probably add my games to the game page. And that most likely won't be until after school starts. So until then, enjoy the new games and adding high scores and such.

8/29/06 - Game Upgrades Continue (Show/Hide)

Now The BUTTONS! has been updated a bit.. There's now 4 different "difficulty" settings, along with high scores for each of them. The scores will also be higher on Normal and Hard modes because of points added for accuracy. The high scores also go up to 25 now, as you can see on the High Scores page. You can also use that page to check all games' scores.

8/28/06 - Game Upgrades (Show/Hide)

Since is taking so damn long to transfer over, I can only put games using high scores on here. Which is why you can now play Let's Wait In Line 2! on here, and submit your scores. I also added some more things to the game. And some fixes. I also realized I haven't put all my games up on here. So I'll be doing that soon.

8/27/06 - Days go by too fast (Show/Hide)

So Sunday kinda snuck up on me. There's no episode 4, and I really have no idea what to do for another game. So for now, nothing new. Maybe I'll get inspired. I'll let you know if I do.

8/24/06 - That game I promised you (Show/Hide)

Yes, I made it. Go check out The BUTTONS! it even has a high score table. Amazing, I know. And I'm working on Episode 4 of TSSoD. And lately I've suddenly been inspired to make a buttload of games. So maybe those soon, too.

8/23/06 -! (Show/Hide)

Be sure to update your bookmarks, this site has now moved to! I switched hosts today and it came with a free extra domain, so I went ahead and got one for this site. I'm also working on a new game called The BUTTONS! that you should see soon. Also possibly a Let's Wait in Line 2! update.

8/14/06 - RSS Maker! Finally! (Show/Hide)

Apologies for delayed-ness but I actually finished the next update to RSS Maker about 4 days ago and uploaded it to the site. Much smaller than expected, with about half as many updates, but it needed the fixes I made. Annd new content on the horizon: none. However, added another new page, the Stats page. Oh and..

Click here to download FlashStuf RSS Maker version 1.2

If you were curious about my current adventures, I'm now in Michigan until tomorrow, then it's back to Wisconsin till next sunday when I'll most likely be leaving to head back to Virginia. And this week should be fun. So, enjoy your program, and check back in a few days.

8/8/06 - Vacation (Show/Hide)

I didn't realize before, but that link to the newest episode of TSSoD (yes, new abbreviation) was broken so I fixed that a few days ago.

Anyways, it looks like I'll be back the 20th, but possibly later. I might have some new content by then, maybe a new episode, I can't say right now because it's too far away. However, I added a Sites I've Done page. Self-explanatory. So check it out.

7/30/06 - Episode 3 (Show/Hide)

ha-HAA! So i finished Episode 3 in about 2 hours tonight. Or this morning. Also, this will be the last episode or update for that matter, for a while. Sometime this week, I'm leaving for Wisconsin and staying there for about 3 weeks. I'll have my computer, but not enough time to make another episode. You may get a surprise though.

Click here to watch The Slippery Slide of Death Ep. 3

7/26/06 - Being lazy (Show/Hide)

So I got absolutely no work done on Episode 3 or RSS Maker today. I got my internet to work, but I also changed the footer on the pages. I think they're good now.. They shouldn't be changing any time soon. Oh I also updated the Projects page to actually include my latest projects.

Also! You can now get to this site by going to, instead of Yes, amazing, it is 4 characters shorter. What an improvement. Either way, it's easy to get here.

7/25/06 - Episode 2! (Show/Hide)

Well I got it up a couple hours later than I wanted to, but I didn't realize I wouldn't be home on Sunday to upload Episode 2 of The Slippery Slide of Death. I did get it uploaded on Sunday at around 8:30 pm but I just now really got to a computer to update this site.

Anyways, I'll most likely be working on Episode 3 and possibly RSS Maker tomorrow since I'll have a free day. Assuming my internet starts working again, you'll see some more updates between now and sunday.

7/21/06 - Site Stuffs (Show/Hide)

It's nothing you'll notice very much, but I made a few changes to this site.. If you look at the bottom of the pages, it's valid XHTML now so basically I changed everything to XHTML now. Or close to everything. But also, the Old News page is a bit different, along with a few other so the footer would fit in.

That's about it, I'm going to the beach tomorrow and I'll be busy this weekend but you'll have the next episode of The Slippery Slide of Death on Sunday. Lately I've mostly been working on stuff for the FlashStuf site, with the new voting and crap. So for now, enjoy the new valid Chicken Cheese Productions site.

7/18/06 - The Slippery Slide of Death (Show/Hide)

Well I've already started on Episode 2, and it'll probably be finished soon. But, I'm gonna make this series into a weekly thing. A new episode will come out every Sunday. So check back this Sunday for the newest episode of The Slippery Slide of Death.

7/16/06 - New Series (Show/Hide)

Holy crap. Yes, a new series. Well, more a "holy crap" to the fact that it's actually an animation. The series being The Slippery Slide of Death, and Episode 1 you can watch by clicking there. Here's to hoping I'll actually continue this one.

Also, for anyone that cares, I added a bit more content to the comments and stuff for this one.

7/13/06 - Birthday (Show/Hide)

Well I turned 16 today. I'm also gonna try to make a new animation or something for this site soon, but obvously I'm taking today off. I did, however, add all of my animations and a favorite icon so if you add this to your favorites, you'll see it!

New favicon - Ok, that would be it.

7/11/06 - RSS Maker ..Again (Show/Hide)

Well, I've decided to add WAY more crap to this next update than what I originally planned so I'm basically going all over the place. That, added to the sleeping all day and crap, really I'm not getting as much done as I was before. Now, if you want to preview what I have so far (basic functions work, and includes a help file, but not everything is done obviously), you can download version 1.1.9 here. Also, I'll try to get all animations added soon.

7/5/06 - RSS Maker Progress (Show/Hide)

For the past few days, I've pretty much been working on the new RSS Maker update. It has a lottt of new stuff and I'm actually almost done with it. It just might not get finished soon because 1. I'm going to the beach this weekend and 2. Resident Evil 4 is now taking up most of my time. BUT I have some ideas. For some new crap. And basically when I get through my list of things to do, I'll get to those. My list being girlfriend, video games, sleep, RSS Maker and then that stuff. So soon! Maybe.
ALSO! I added a complete timeline of all my animations to the Animations page and most of my animations to go along with it!

6/29/06 - RSS Maker Update (Show/Hide)

Again, RSS Maker has been updated. But now it lets you know when there is a new update.

UPDATE: ..Which there is now! RSS Maker version 1.1.5 is now available. If you downloaded 1.1.4, you will already know this. And if you get this one, you'll know for the future ones.
Click here to download RSS Maker v1.1.5

6/24/06 - Programs (Show/Hide)

If you haven't checked FlashStuf, I updated RSS Maker (version 1.1.2) and the huge update to Desktop Switcher (version 1.1.0). And I'm learning some more ActionScript stuff that'll probly help me finish some projects. Nothing else new yet, but soon. Hopefully.

6/21/06 - New pages (Show/Hide)
I added the contact page and the Work In Progress/Abandoned Projects page, along with Shooter as the first abandoned project. Also Wipeout as another; something you might actually wanna check out considering it was much further along. Thinking of a new animation! I'll try to get an original up soon.

UPDATE: On RSS Maker, it looks like I won't be able to update due to some computer issues and the latest version isn't even working at all. So everyone's stuck with version, I'll try and fix it as soon as I can.. it includes some important fixes.

6/16/06 - Lots 'n' lots o' news (Show/Hide)
Just got this site up and running, with all my projects and animations and crap like that.

As far as current news goes, lately I've been heading in the direction of mostly making programs, my current projects being FlashStuf RSS Maker and Desktop Switcher (Go to the Projects page for all of em). I also decided I'm gonna start working on Senseless Killing 2 again.. A lot of people enjoyed the first one, but I could definitely make it better so.. I will. So besides that, I'm gonna try to keep this updated and hopefully get ALL of my work, (Animations and Games) on here soon.

Also, this site as of now looks horrible in Internet Explorer (especially compared to Firefox) so if you want to be able to enjoy it all, try Firefox.