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11/1/06 - Everything progress

Well that game has pretty much been put on hold, I've been working mostly on the FlashStuf site and really I've just been too busy to make any content besides what I do during school, which is make calculator programs.

Now today I took a little trip down memory lane and I'm thinking of throwing together another Slippery Slide episode, since that pretty much died. It'll also be a little more improved, made for Flash Player 8 instead of 7, and hopefully will include some sound. Don't hold me to it, but you should see that soon.

10/10/06 - Game progress

Lately I've been working on a game called Sub Hunt. It's probably looking like one of the best-looking games I've ever made, and get this.. It includes SOUND. Although I'm still adding more to the menu, here's a screenshot for ya'

Sub Hunt Menu
10/5/06 - Long time no update

Yes, it's been a while.. But I've definitely been busy. Also, I recently upgraded to Flash 8 and there's some new stuff I can now do with that. I'm also working with someone else on a sequel to The BUTTONS! after I added it to newgrounds. And it actually got accepted. So it got me going on games and I'll be making more soon. I'm still not completely finished with FlashStuf. There's over 100 flash pages I have to go through and re-do so it's takin' me a while.

9/12/06 - FlashStuf

If you actually come here first or just more than, I suggest you go pay a visit. That's what has been taking up all my time pretty much, because I had to completely re-do every page on that site. All 300 of them. So go take a look, and hell some feedback would be great.. comments, suggestions.. You can email 'em to me by clicking there.

Anyways, I'm also keeping the RSS Feed for this site up-to-date now, because I saw I currently have... 1 subscriber. This is for you.

9/9/06 - Buttons and Feeds

Well I updated The BUTTONS! again after my basically half-assed update last time. You can now view all 25 of the high scores through the game, the instructions have been updated for the new crap I put in last time, and I can track how many people are playing it every day.

Now I'm also going to update RSS Maker to include an FTP feature. Since well.. I can use FTP now. So hopefully that soon. But only after I get everything with all squared away.

And actually, I just had the idea to make a level creator for The BUTTONS. You might see that soon.

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